A Pentecostal Christian Prime Minister – a First for Australia 

Australia’s 30th Prime Minister was recently elected and sworn in as leader of the Liberal Party. Formerly the country’s treasurer, Scott Morrison won 45 of his colleagues’ votes, becoming the country’s 7th Prime Minister in just over a decade. Was it unexpected? Not...
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What is Australia Doing in the Eurovision Song Contest?

Australia's Ticket to the Eurovision If you watched the Eurovision song contest this year you may well have wondered what Australia is doing in this European music competition. For those of you who are less familiar with the format, the Eurovision Song Contest, not to...
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Australia and US Leaders Friends Again

After the rockiest of starts, it appears that President Trump and Malcolm Turnbull are back on friendly terms. Their relationship got off to a famously frosty start when Trump and Turnbull had a heated phone call over the topic of a refugee swap deal which President...
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Australian Rugby on Death Row

I’ve written at length about Australia’s rich sporting tapestry in the past. As a nation of sports enthusiasts, Australians will watch just about anything if it’s competitive. From motor racing to Australian Rules, cricket, swimming or lawn bowls, fans will turn up...
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Australia’s Solar Power Usage Reaching New Heights

When most people think of solar power, their minds conjure up images of large-scale solar farms with black panels reaching into the distance. This high producing renewable energy source might seem like the future of solar power, however the figures show that...
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Why I Wrote This Blog
Australia Flag - Cameron Poetzscher My Australia Blog

You may be wondering why I have a blog about Australia, after all, I’m best known for my business career. Indeed, my career has followed an interesting path from the very beginning. I began as strategic, organizational and financial consultant at Booz & Co shortly after graduating from Queensland University, Australia with a BA in commerce. In later years, I moved to the US where I studied for my MBA at Harvard Business School. Next I began working at Goldman Sachs where I managed the firm’s New York based Technology/Media/Telecom group and then went on to lead its Asia Pacific Mergers & Acquisitions department. However, while my career has taken me to many countries across the world, and my life and family are in the US, my roots remain in Australia, the country in which I was born, where I took my first steps on my professional journey and where I lived until my early 20s.

Creating a Uniquely Australian Blog

It is for this reason that I decided to create a blog about my homeland. ‘My Australia Blog’ is my opportunity to discuss the Australia I know so well and give readers, who may have never even visited the beautiful continent, an insider’s perspective and a taste for more. Australia is a hugely diverse country that is still developing. As a young country with deep historical roots and home to 24 million people, Australia is a constant source of interesting news on culture, sports, nature and wildlife, commercial innovation and much more. My goal here is to shine a spotlight on interesting stories in these fields through short, fun-to-read, informative articles. These posts are designed not only to entertain, but also to educate, raise curiosity and provoke thought regarding the many virtues and complexities of Australia.

Touching on the Key Australian Issues

Competitive sport, economy, politics, international relations and innovation are all areas that are close to my heart and I believe the articles on my blog reflect that. Topics include serious subjects like the booming price of real estate in Sydney, Australia’s shift towards renewable energy and the unique Australia-China economic relations. But you will also find lighter posts in which I recommend various walking tours across the Australian coast, share my thoughts on what makes Melbourne tick and discuss the famous laidback Australian disposition. Australia’s obsession with sport also features in this blog of course. I myself am enthusiastic about running, sailing and cycling, I’ve dedicated a separate blog to these sports which you can find here.

Maintaining Firm Australian Roots

Like many Australians who leave Australia, I have always maintained a firm connection with my homeland and although I live and work in the US, I keep up with Australian news and current affairs and make every effort to remain involved and promote Australia where and whenever I can. My Australia blog gives me an opportunity to share my thoughts, knowledge and feelings about my country of origin with a wide base of interested readers and followers.