Melbourne is the World’s Most Livable City

Australia is not exactly a gem hidden away in the South Pacific. It seems that everyone has either been there or wants to go, however there are still a lot of things that people don’t know about the country. Sure, cities like Sydney get a lot of coverage, but Australia’s major cities each have something very unique to offer and they’re recognized for this on a global scale. Melbourne, for example, is one of the easiest places to live and have a good time.

Melbourne has been voted the most livable city in the world for a number of years running, beating cities like Vienna, Toronto, Munich, and Vancouver. Melbourne is located in the Southeast corner of Australia, it’s hot in summer, vibrant in spring, and cold for the rest of the year. It has earned the “Most Livable City” title for its affordability, transportation, facilities, and a range of other factors.

The Unique Culture in Melbourne

What makes the city great is undeniably its culture, with a rich arts scene, cafes, bars, and a huge variety of restaurants. Melbourne is a migrants’ city that has Vietnamese, Italian, Chinese, Indian, Cypriot, Greek, Lebanese and many more ‘quarters’, which really add to the diversity of the city and take the food to the next level.

Vibrant Sports Scene

Melbournians are spoiled for choice when it comes to sport. The city has three major sports stadiums, either right in the city or in Richmond, a 15 minute walk from town. They stage the Formula One Grand Prix there as well as the Australian Open tennis tournament, and the city is home to Australian Rules Football (AFL), a sport with a fanatical following that draws crowds of 50,000 to 100,000 commonplace at a mid-season match. In September, there is a horse racing event known as the Spring Carnival, where high caliber horse races are attended by countless fans in a festive atmosphere. The pinnacle is the Melbourne Cup, a public holiday in Melbourne, where 120,000 people cram into the track to drink, be seen, and catch a glimpse of the action while the whole country stops what it’s doing to watch. For this reason the event is referred to as the “race that stops a nation”. There’s even skiing just a few hours drive from Melbourne at the Snowy Mountains. That’s in fact where I learned to ski decades ago.

Although Melbourne isn’t famous for its beaches and warm weather, like many other places in Australia, it has a heartbeat that makes living there easy, and it’s a great place to visit any time of year.

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