During the 20th century many waves of migrants moved to Australia from Europe and Asia. Triggered by world wars or the prospect of a new life, many new migrants decided to call Australia home and make a new start for themselves. Today Australia has large Greek, Italian, Vietnamese, Chinese, Cypriot, Indian, Lebanese, Sri Lankan communities among others. For visitors and locals alike this equates to great diversity, food and cultural scenes to enjoy.

Melbourne is a metropolitan melting pot and great food has always been at the heart of the city’s thriving culture. In an hour or two, visitors can bounce between the Chinese quarter in in the city, to the Italian quarter in Fitzroy and the Vietnamese area in Richmond with a couple of simple tram rides.

The Influence On Australian Cuisine

People often wonder what Australian food is like, often imagining it is simply something on “the barbie” and a cold beer. This is still a favorite pastime for most of the population, however immigration has taken Australian cuisine to the next level. The Asian influence has been huge, and Asian fusion is now a major medium where Australia Michelin star chefs conjure up new creations for a worldwide audience.

Italians, Australia, And The Coffee Explosionn

Coffee culture in Australia is a way of life, it is social and intertwined with relaxation. Unlike the US, it’s not a means of in-taking caffeine. Melbourne is at the forefront of the global coffee scene due to Italian and Greek migrants who first introduced the espresso machine to Australia after WWII. Since that point, it has become intertwined in the city’s makeup with specialty coffee now an industry of its own.

The Australian food scene will probably be an unexpected bonus for most visitors, however to locals it’s now something they take for granted.

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