When travelers think about visiting Australia the most common destinations are Sydney, for its splendor and iconic landmarks, Queensland for the lovely beaches and slower pace of life, Melbourne for its vibrant urban culture and Perth for its untouched beauty. Adelaide is not typically on most people’s traveling list, but it actually has a lot to offer and it might just surprise visitors.

Here are some interesting facts about the capital of South Australia:

1.The Land of the Free Settlers

Adelaide was first planned as a free British settler’s province in Australia. The founders believed there would be no crime so no prison
was built and the police force was thin, which in turn attracted criminals to take advantage of the weak justice system.

2. The City of Churches

A quick tour of the city reveals the origin of its name. Adelaide, French for ‘nobility’, is littered with architecturally impressive and ornate
churches. The oldest dates back to 1838 the period of King William IV who named the city after his beloved Queen Adelaide.

3. The City of Political Freedom

The atmosphere in Adelaide is liberal, advanced and open minded. It was the first city in Australia to give women the vote, to abolish
racial discrimination and to recognize Aboriginal land rights.

4. World Class City Beaches

As it is the coastal capital, a short trip from the city center will bring you to a host of Adelaide’s best beaches. Wide, white sand
beaches without the huge crowds one would expect to find in Bondi.

5. The 20 Minute City

Visitors will be pleased to learn that one can reach any point in Adelaide within 20 minutes. To get from the beach to the city, airport,
suburbs or any point in town should take no longer. Any main attraction in the city is reachable within a 20 minute walk from all of the
main hotels too.

6. A City of Art and Culture

The Art Gallery of South Australia is one of many well known local museums and galleries that display rich and colorful collections of
contemporary and indigenous art, natural history and more. Adelaide also hosts an annual international art festival during witch the city
brims with culture activities, exhibitions, fringe theater events and experimental film screenings.

In short, Adelaide is indeed worth a visit, and while it does only take 20 minutes to cross the city, make sure you give yourself enough time to experience it to the full.

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