Australian Universities are THE Universities to Attend

Australian universities have always been considered to be strong and well respected around the world. This has recently been confirmed in an international survey where Australia featured strongly in the Times Higher Education’s (THE) World University Rankings for 2016-2017.

Of the top 35 universities in the country, six have featured in the world top 100 list, giving Australian residents and international students plenty to choose from. Most might expect that the top ranked universities would be found in the major cities of Sydney and Melbourne. However, they are evenly dispersed around the country, which is great news for high school students who live in the periphery and for future employers searching for fresh talent across the country. From Perth to Hobart, there are a total of six Australian universities in the top 100 and two in the prestigious top 50 list.

Australia’s Top Ranked Universities

1. Melbourne University – Rank 33
Founded in 1853, Melbourne University is the country’s second oldest institution. 47,000 students are enrolled at any one time and 12,000 of those are international students, with the school boasting students from 130 countries.

2. Australian National University (ANU) – Rank 47
ANU is a prestigious postgraduate research university that was first established in 1946 by the Australian Parliament. ANU’s Alumni and faculty include six winners of the Nobel Prize. The 2011 winner of the Nobel Prize for Physics, Brian Schmidt, is ANU’s vice-chancellor.

3. University of Sydney – Rank 60 tied
Sydney has been rated as one of the best cities in the world to study in, and this university in particular would be an excellent choice. University of Sydney is the country’s oldest university, it has 52,000 students enrolled from 134 different countries and was also attended by five of Australia’s prime ministers.

4. University of Queensland – Rank 60 tied
Students from 141 countries and a total enrollment of 50,000 plus students make the University of Queensland one of the biggest campuses in the country. It is known as a leading PhD institution, with 13,800 registered post graduate students.

5. Monash University – Rank 74
Monash University has five campuses spread across Melbourne, one in Malaysia and research centers in Italy, India and China. The university has 47,000 undergraduates and 20,000 postgraduate students enrolled.

The Times Higher Education World University Rankings system takes a wide array of parameters into account, including teaching, research and reputation. It’s a valuable resource with a fascinating global perspective, and it’s good to know that Australia has once again made the list. At the end of the day, academic learning environments are where we begin building not only our personal future, but the future of our societies, cultures and economies.

Top 10 Universities in Australia 2016/17

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