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Melbourne or Sydney?

It is one of the oldest debates in Australia. Which of the country’s two biggest cities is best? Australia isn’t alone with this kind of fun banter among the population, Toronto vs. Vancouver and New York vs. San Francisco are a couple of international examples, but in Australia it is a topic that truly divides opinion. The arguments for and against each location are long and varied and the votes for each camp are split down the middle. Let’s take a look at both sides to see if we can choose a winner in this one.


Melbourne is famed as the arts and culture capital of Australia. It is blessed with galleries, museums and a diverse theater scene all fueled and supported by art & culture loving locals and visitors. Sydney also has a good cultural scene going. It is home to some unique performing arts venues and has hosted some impressive events like the Vivid Lights festival. However, its cultural richness and diversity is not as profound as Melbourne’s.


Sydney is one of the most spectacular cities in the world thanks to its harbor. From Circular Quay to the Northern Beaches and Eastern Suburbs, Sydney is blessed with a stunning coastline, walks, cliffs and some incredible city beaches. Melbourne’s Port Phillip Bay is a great urban backdrop, but no matter how you look at it, it is not as spectacular or appealing as Sydney’s.


The culinary perspective tends to lead to heated debates. Melbourne is said to have the best coffee in the country and boasts a colorful range of ethnic foods thanks to the collection of migrant communities living in the city. From one suburb to the next, Melbourne’s street-food flavors change dramatically. Sydney on the other hand offers a more sophisticated variety of options.The top end dining range is arguably better, but even the mid-range restaurants are quite highly priced.

This list could go on forever, so in fairness let’s call it a tie. Besides, why compare when in reality there is no reason to choose? Visit both, experience them first hand, and enjoy everything they have to offer.





Australia is a hugely diverse country. ‘My Australia Blog’ is my opportunity to discuss the Australia I know so well and give readers, who may have never even visited the beautiful continent, an insider’s perspective and a taste for more.

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